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    Making it work in an evolving world

  • CinqC - Working with start-ups, established organisations,

    innovation labs and incubators.

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    Understanding global,

    multi-sector disruption

    Where to go & how to get there ​

    Creating innovative and actionable business models and strategies adapted to your enterprise goals and sector risks.


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    Supporting and guiding you to your goals

    Your wing-woman on the way

    Tuned in to your internal communications and culture; highly aware of what’s impacting your world.


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    Building a robust future for your business

    ​Keeping you in the driving seat

    Enabling you to continuously evolve and adapt your business and take future decisions on new tools & techniques.



    Customised services for when you:

    • need to quickly get your product and message to market

    • see your market disrupted and your revenues at risk

    • want to take your organisation outside its comfort zone

    • have to evolve or expand overseas to stay in the lead


  • CinqC - five Core values

    Pragmatic Change

    Generating effective, efficient actions through customised and considered plans to enable you and continuously evolve.

    Business Continuity

    Keeping in mind your bottom line, watching your competitors and the market to ensure your business remains robust and relevant.

    Customised Creativity

    Constantly monitoring cutting edge technologies and techniques and working out how to weave these into your business.



    Providing you access to a deep network of global experts that drive and disrupt multiple sectors and markets.



    Collaborating with a careful blend of curiousity and humility to create diverse, inclusive and rich rapports.












  • My strengths are discovering and leveraging new technologies and techniques and using them to resolve problems or turn great ideas into reality. With more than 20-years international experience working with both startups and large organisations I've a variety of great tools in my bag; these include digital development, organisational design, business process management, software design, a good sense of humour and a strong sense of humility.


    I've lead teams across Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East. I worked with the New York Times International as their IT Director and also headed up an intrapreneurial Innovation & Development Lab funded by Google. Prior to moving to France I worked for Ziff-Davis APN in Australia and for Future Publishing in the UK.


    I'm trilingual - I speak English, French and Geek :) - naturally pragmatic, practical, curious and love discovering new corners of the world with my backpack whilst meeting people and exploring cultures. I thrive in new environments and periods of change that feed my constant desire to learn and evolve and I regularly work with companies and accelerators in Estonia - the most digitally advanced nation on earth.


    I created CinqC having seen that the deep disruption the media industry has experienced has provided me with insight, resilience and agility now needed in many other sectors. CinqC's purpose is to provide this expertise as a service to the start-ups, large organisations, innovation labs and incubators looking to evolve, adapt and needing to make it work in our ever-changing world.


    I am also an external assessor for the Google News Innovation fund, Chairwoman of the US-board of APOPO HeroRats (we trains rats to save lives!) and am frequently invited to emcee, present keynotes and moderate at global and online tech and innovation events in both English and French. You can follow me @daviskris10

  • They trust and use CinqC

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    Strategy & Content

    Supporting disruptive projects like Monimalz , creating business models & strategies for new products & services and live content for the annual Lab Postal event.

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    Helping Google identify technically innovative ideas, with solid business models, to promote quality, sustainable digital journalism.

    Learn more here.


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    Accelerating internal transformation and forging relationships with innovative and international influencers, start-ups and in digital luxury retail.

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    Coaching 50+ international female entrepreneurs through an intensive acceleration programme as part of TotalEnergies Startupper programme.

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    Reports & Podcasts

    Pragmatic and practical cybersecurity information for startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs around the globe.

    Access for free here.

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    Content & Moderation

    Creating engaging, impactful and interactive live content with some of the worlds leading changemakers for virtual, hybrid and IRL audiences.

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    Workshops & Coaching

    Guiding the Estonia unicorn's global business leads with my 'How to Fail, Well' workshop, tools and techniques.

    Learn more here.

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    Emcee & Moderation

    Hosting mainstages, interviewing C-suite speakers and leading interactive debates at Paris' leading international tech conference.

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    Understanding goals and constraints to create a robust digital strategy. Check out their site and work using rats to save lives!

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    Strategy &


    Bringing together media experts, academics and policy makers to fight COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation.

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    Strategy &


    Combining scientific and technical research, data, and digital innovation with strategic vision to build meaningful future narratives.

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    CinqC's future signals - News and Views you can use

    Bringing together expert voices from government, military, legal, business and tech, CinqC's future signals shares news and views you can use with startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses around the globe.


    future signals gathers short- to mid-term (18-24 months) perspectives from our signal sources, identifies signal clusters where our experts' opinions coalesce, and highlights outlier signals that may indicate things to come or that you might need to put on your radar. The objective is to share pragmatic and practical advice along with methods you can adopt and tools to help you adapt. These are news and views you can use to create robust future businesses in our ever-evolving world. 


    You can access all future signals reports for free here.

  • More about my work

    For more articles on methods, approach and examples of my work, follow me on LinkedIn.

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    If you’re facing the challenge of an increasing demand to deliver value and innovation within a tight budget, or trying to find the best way to evolve to ensure a robust future then your business model is an excellent place to start. Learn why here.

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    Being competitive means taking more risks in increasingly complex situations - the chance of errors and dead-ends is higher than ever, so teams and staff need to be comfortable making mistakes.
    Learn how teams can fail, well

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    Whilst ‘tried and tested’ might be the recipe for past results it certainly isn’t always a formula for future success. Find out how I created an 'unexpected' commercial strategy to get Monimalz in stores for Christmas.



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